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Weird or Wacky Than Snail Bob

If you like going on weird and wacky adventures while you play a game on your computer, you won’t find any game that is more weird or wacky than Snail Bob. I know this might sound like an odd compliment but in this case it’s a great one. Games like Snail Bob Games don’t come around often and the game become so popular after the first game was released that it soon became a series of games, all of them revolving around this small little snail named Bob and the adventures that he goes on.

This is not only a fun game where you get to fight off mummies and breeze by other obstacles, but it is also a challenging game where you are presented with multiple obstacles and you have to decide how to move past them with only a limited amount of power available to you and to the snail.

This game is very fun for everyone, not just children or teens, but it is fun for everyone. Snail Bob has fun qualities that everyone can join in on. Whether you like playing games where there are a lot of puzzles that you need to get by, or if you like side scrolling games where you fight off enemies and get through intense levels that you have to be ready to complete otherwise you will end up replaying it over and over again.

I enjoy this game a lot, I have had a lot of fun playing it for myself. The first game came out in 2010 and has released 7 games after that, all of them throughout 4 years after the initial release. I’ve played a couple of the different games myself and I can honestly say that they are extremely enjoyable.

I would recommend these games to anyone who is looking for something fun and challenging. Whether you are looking for a game for your child, or a game to keep you entertained for a few hours every day, these 8 games can definitely be the answer you need. 

And if you somehow finish all eight games that are available and you still want more to play, there are two mobile versions of the game that are also fun. They include a few different levels to get by as it’s two mobile versions of the first two games, same concept and characters that you know and love, just with challenges that are little bit different and more mobile device friendly.